NRB has paid a visit Overhaul, Automation, and Production at Thai Rokuha

Dec. 7 2022

On 07/12/23, the Director and Vice President of NRB Bearing (Thailand) LTD visits Thai Rokuha to survey overhauled machines and discuss their future plans for overhauling VMC, more Centerless grinding, and hydraulic lathe machines.

Other News

TOPSOLID training

On 02/02/23, the Thai Rokuha team including, production, automation, and control quality chiefs under the supervision of the Factory manager, pass the TOPSOLID training. CAD/CAM/CAE is the main aspect of this software that will be focused on for more innovative,...

ABB Training

On 25-27/01/23, THAI ROKUHA participated in training on using industrial robots at ABB AUTOMATION (THAILAND) CO., LTD (Bangpoo Branch). Thai Rokuha team brush up on their industrial robotic skills and use of Robot Studio. The factory manager, the production chief, the...

Fire Safety Training

On 16/12/23, Bang Phli Subdistrict Administrative Organization teaches Thai Rokuha about preventive measures that will eliminate or minimize causes of fire or fire hazards in the workplace. The trainer conducts fire evacuation drills and teaches proper emergency and...


On 23/11/22, DENSO INNOVATIVE MANUFACTURING SOLUTION ASIA. CO., LTD. has audited TR for exploring potential opportunities for further collaborations.